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Thelma Speirs' practice showcases her innate ability to translate the world she observes, incorporating elements of fantasy and personal fascination into her vibrant and playful two-dimensional works. Through her diverse use of mediums and surfaces, as well as her penchant for experimentation, Thelma invites viewers to explore and engage with her artistic expressions, leaving them with a sense of wonder and curiosity. ​ Speirs pursued her artistic journey in the late 1970s, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design at Middlesex University. Shortly after which she co-founded fashion brand Bernstock Speirs where she still acts as both designer and director. ​ Over the past two years Speirs has participated in various exhibitions across the UK including "A One Night Show" at East End Prints Gallery in London, UK, "Bird Spotting" at The Shop Front Community Window in Margate, UK,  "Cats in Crisis" at Hotel Michele in Margate, UK, "Poot it in Yer Bag" at Vogue Fabrics in London, UK for the charitable cause "Children With Voices", "Birds and Bags London" with Julian Smith at Gallery 46 in London, UK and  "Birds and Bags" at Nayland Rock Hotel in Margate, UK, again with with Julian Smith as part of the Pride Art Map 2021.

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