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Jemima Sara is a multidisciplinary artist who incorporates the fluidity of everyday life, mental health and freedom of expression into her practice. Her formal training in Puppetry at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (graduating in 2018) followed by a MFA in Drawing at Camberwell (graduating in 2021) has enriched her drawing practice, allowing her to merge diaristic texts with the figurative. Her practice has evolved to investigate drawing as a form of expression and communication. Driving meaning from the ‘nitty-gritty’ and the day-to-day, her work reflects the tumultuous experience of the mundane existence to ignite conversation as a form of self-therapy or so-called catharsis. A form of personal outpouring, her illustrative journals are suggestive of wider experiences within both private and public spheres. Scraps of humour provide some relief from the discomfort or awkwardness they may impose. Jemima Sara also creates site specific interactive artworks for galleries and public spaces, ranging from events to installations. Jemima’s work aims to transform how we perceive our environment. Recently, Jemima Sara is best known for her work surrounding the toilet which has been described as ‘quintessential to her practice,’ (Stir World), often utilising text and design to serve her concept and enhance visitor interaction. Her work has been described as passionate (FAD world), Breaking traditions (Stir world), and making meaning from the ‘nitty-gritty’ (Create Magazine). Jemima’s recent exhibitions include ‘Catalogue’ (November 2022-January 2023, Galería F&deO, Madrid), The Crossover Project (September 2022, Edward Bulmer / The London Design Festival, London), ‘DON’T FLUSH IT DOWN’ installation (July-August 2022, The Royal Exchange, London) and 'I'VE LOST MY FAITH IN THIS CRAP' (May 2022) and 'My mind is a toilet' (October 2021, CRATE Gallery).

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