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18 November 2023 - 10 February 2024

The Cupboard, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

Liminal Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of its third exhibition in The Cupboard,  ’Turner's Female Contemporaries’ a solo exhibition by Margate based artist Mercedes Workman. The exhibition brings to light the forgotten, yet remarkably talented women artists of the past.


‘Turner's Female Contemporaries’ presents a meticulously crafted and entirely tiled space, unveiling the faces of female artists who have long been overlooked by history, each of whom were creating their own work during J. M. W. Turner’s lifetime. Mercedes Workman's installation serves as a poignant reminder of the many talented women artists who have, for the most part, been denied the recognition they rightfully deserved. This exhibition shines a much-needed spotlight on their remarkable contributions to the art world and seeks to rectify the historical omission.


The Cupboard is Liminal Gallery’s second exhibition space, tiny but sleek it is exclusively available to artists living and working in Thanet. Workman will transform it into a shrine-like space, with individual ceramic tiles, each handmade with the warp and weft reminding us of the artist's hand. The faces of these forgotten women artists expressed through vigorous brushwork and meticulous mark-making pouring life and energy into their portraits.


All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘Turner’s Female Contemporaries’ on Saturday 18th November at Liminal Gallery’s The Cupboard, 4-7pm.

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