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2 September - 1 October 2023

Main Space, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present 'The Pull of the Tides,' a two-person exhibition by Anna Blom and Emma Richardson. The exhibition delves into the depths of human emotion, nature's mysteries, the interplay between the conscious and unconscious realms and the passage of time.


Emma Richardson's intricate paintings draw inspiration from the dichotomy of the ocean, which embodies both vitality and devastation. This mirrors the unconscious mind's uncharted depths, encompassing fears, desires, and impulses. Within these canvases, the interplay of tides, tempests, climatic transitions, historical imprints, and a transcendent essence converges to abstracted painterly mark-making. Through these new works, Richardson captures not only the ocean's all-encompassing resonance with humanity but also its contrasting, apathetic might.


Anna Blom's paintings delve into co-existence and its emotional echoes. Blom's diaristic approach, characterised by layers of sketches, white noise, and writing, culminates in semi-abstract observational portraitures. Her technique involves immersing raw canvases in baths of watery pigments, allowing colours to flow like meandering rivers. These intricate layers mirror the multifaceted layers of human existence, as they interrogate overlooked states that form the backdrop of our daily lives.


‘The Pull of the Tides' entwines the visions of Anna Blom and Emma Richardson, offering an exploration of the intricacies of water's influence on human life, the psyche and our shared experiences.


All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘The Pull of the Tides’ on Saturday 2 September 5-8pm.

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