Rebecca Swainston’s visually powerful and expressive paintings expose the tension and synergy between mind and body. Her work is a stark examination of the psychological and physiological impact of the complex and ambiguous nature of human experience. Swainston is inspired by the rituals, conventions and signs of our thoughts and beliefs exposing how they are expressed both consciously and unconsciously. Her images combine figurative and abstracted elements to reveal the shocking intimacy of physical expression of human feelings. Her printmaking training combined with her skill as a painter are evident in the layered execution of the work and the messages behind them. Figurative distortions, animals, pattern, transparency and contrasting texture and colour deliver sharply challenging images.

Swainston has an M.A from Chelsea School of Art and a first-class B.A in Printmaking from Winchester School of Art where she went on to lecture. She has had numerous solo exhibitions and is represented by The Castlegate House Gallery. Her work is public and private collections internationally.