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19th October - 9th November 2021

3 Works for 3 Weeks Series

‘No Place Like Home’ is an online solo exhibition by Alexis Soul-Gray featuring 3 new original works, spanning the breadth of the artists current mediums of choice; collage, drawing, printmaking and painting. The works continue the artists exploration of grief, loss, memory, nostalgia and the family unit within a harmonious balance of abstraction and figuration.


After the traumatic loss of her own mother, Soul-Gray uses her practice to explore loss; loss of a person and the displacement of love reserved for that person. Using scenes of domesticity from wide ranging sources such as knitting patterns and vintage ephemera, the artist questions notions of motherhood and home. Yet her works are warm, reclaiming the lost characters, releasing them into a new contemporary future. These figures appear softly, tarnished with the decay of passing time, both nostalgic and raw. The artists sympathetic hand and enthrallingly soft loose lines rendering ghostly images from her soft palette to give the viewer a sense of ease amidst the emotively charged works.


‘No Place Like Home’ forms part of an ongoing series entitled 3 Works For 3 Weeks, an innovative take on the traditional solo exhibition, promoting slow looking and true engagement with the artist, the artworks and the concepts behind them. Each exhibition in the series features 3 artworks alongside text, detail images and source material to give an intimate insight into the artworks. Each exhibition runs for just 3 weeks and invited artists are all currently working within the UK.

Each Tuesday at 10am throughout the duration of the exhibition, Liminal Gallery will release a new artwork accompanied by text and detail images onto the dedicated Viewing Room found on

The Veil That Veils The Moon: Current Exhibitions
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