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Lindsey Jean McLean’s work questions the historical construct of femininity in painting. Bedecked in a rich colour palette suggesting tactile honeys and velvets, these characters are in movement and entanglement, trapped in acts of concealment and destruction. McLean uses reoccurring motifs such as feather boas, fans and veils - transformative objects that obscure the gaze within her works. She subverts the historically patriarchal medium of oil paint to dismantle and create a new space to view femininity. McLean has an interest in artist led exhibitions and spaces. Living and working in London, she has co-curated with other London based artists on shows such as Snakes on a Picture Plane (2022, UK Mexican Arts Society) and Skin of Your Teeth (2022, The Crypt Gallery.) McLean also ran her own artist space in 2020 and 2021. Called the Narrow Gallery the concept was in response to the closure of indoor exhibition spaces. The Narrow Gallery was situated on the outside of a London canal boat that showed small scale work to the passing public. It exhibited over 15 emerging artists from the UK and Europe. Lindsey Jean McLean studied her BA in painting at Glasgow School of Art (2009-2013.) She is a Drawing Year graduate from The Royal Drawing School (2013-2014) and recent post-graduate in painting from The Slade School of Fine Art (2019-2021.) Selected exhibitions include Solo Show at Galerie Wolfsen (2022, Aaborg, Denmark), Power of Femininity at Kutlesa Gallery (2022, Goldau, Switzerland) Veiled Bodies at Liliya Gallery (2021, London, UK) and London Grads Now at The Saatchi Gallery (2021, London, UK.)

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