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4 - 18 November 2023

Main Space, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

Liminal Gallery are delighted to announce the opening of 'Liminal Salon,' a group exhibition spotlighting 25 artists who have exhibited in our two exhibition spaces; Main Space and The Cupboard, over the past year. The exhibition offers a diverse range of voices through drawing, painting, sculpture, collage and print. While the artists vary in media, scale, and concept, they share a sense of community that brings them together.


'Liminal Salon' includes work by established artists as well as those beginning to make their mark, with works which are small in size and promote accessibility. The presentation of many different mediums and disciplines, come together to form a full picture of the rich variety in contemporary art today. 


The eclectic selection of works demonstrate the wide-ranging conceptual concerns of the Liminal roster; ranging from the intimate representation of identity, the use of abstraction and figuration as a means to explore a sense of place, and the consideration of form and texture as fundamental formal elements. 


‘Liminal Salon’ exhibition includes:

Henrietta Armstrong, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Anna Blom, Flora Bradwell, Catherine Chinatree, Cedric Christie, Damien Cifelli, Liz Crossfield, Damien Flood, Julia Ellen Lancaster, Catherine Lette, Sarah Maple, Eleanor McCaughey, Lindsey Jean McLean, Jennifer Nieuwland, Emma Richardson, Simona Ruscheva, Jemima Sara, David Shillinglaw, Alexis Soul-Gray, Thelma Speirs, Olivia Strange, Andrew Torr, Maud Whatley and Mercedes Workman.


All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘Liminal Salon’ on Saturday 4th November at Liminal Gallery’s Main Space, 5-8pm.

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