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Lena Brazin’s figurative paintings explore the seen and the unseen with an attempt to materialise immateriality, to reflect the fulness of human existence. The iconography in the paintings displays exaggerated and expressively narrated objects, subjects, and symbolism from her past and present real-life ordinary moments as well as mystical and visionary experience. She layers her work with vibrant colours and bold brushwork which forces an immediate impression on the audience, rooting them in the moment. Different textures represent mixed dimensions of one’s life where physical matter is being lifted like the veil exposing the ethereal and subconscious. Her work embodies an essential way of understanding the contemporary self, full of paradoxes. Her interest in the observation of the universal complexity of everyday existence including its metaphysical aspects is mirrored in her painting process which is one of instinct and collaboration. She simply listens, responds, and enables the artworks to dictate their own destiny, not forcing any direction and results upon them. With this intuitive approach, the supernatural can manifest itself on the surface. Apparently random visuals are always plucked from somewhere, some feeling, vision or dream, photograph, or thought, they are whole.

Brazin (b.1985, Kosice, Slovakia) currently lives and works in London, UK. Largely self-taught, Brazin graduated from the alternative studio-painting programme at Turps Art School in 2019 and her work has been included in numerous exhibitions including "Coincidental Encounters"(Solo) Four You Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2021; "RA Summer Show 2020" Royal Academy of Arts 2020, London; "Ancient Deities" Arusha Gallery 2020, Edinburgh; "FBA Futures 2020" Mall Galleries 2020, London; "Exceptional" graduate art award, Collyer Bristow Gallery 2020, London; "Turps Painters 2019" Turps Gallery 2019, London; "Artist of the Day" Flowers Gallery 2018, London; "Bow Open Show" at Nunnery Gallery 2018, London. In addition, Brazin has been shortlisted for multiple prizes including: FBA Futures, Exceptional Graduate Art Award, Jackson’s Painting Prize and Bow Arts Open. Furthermore, her work is in the Soho House Collection as well as the hands of private collectors in France, Slovakia, Germany, the UK, the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. 

Photo Credit: Jon Archdeacon

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Lena Brazin: Our Artists


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