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3 - 29th June 2023

Main Space, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

London-based artist Cedric Christie unveils his solo exhibition, "Infallible," at Liminal Gallery. Featuring bespoke work created for Liminal’s unique space alongside Christie’s saturated wall-based minimalist sculptures, the exhibition invites viewers to question notions of infallibility, self-identity, and the intersection of art and spirituality while showcasing the artist's ability to ignite meaningful conversations. 


‘Infallible’ delves into the concept of unquestionable authority, asking viewers to reflect on their own perceptions and beliefs, to contemplate the idea of surrendering oneself to an unquestionable power. It encourages an exploration of the question, "Who do you think you are?" and to confront your own place within the world. By blending the realms of art and spirituality, Christie comments on the interplay between human fallibility, the divine, and the role of art in this ongoing struggle.


Internationally renowned artist Cedric Christie has exhibited across the globe and his works are held in prominent collections, notably he is currently exhibiting at The Biennale Architettura  in Venice, Italy and has previously shown work at Documenta, Germany, Flowers Gallery, London and is represented by Rocket Gallery, London. 


All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘Infallible’’ on Saturday 10th June 5-8pm.

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