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6th - 27th July 2021

3 Works for 3 Weeks Series

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present Benji Thomas' ‘I’m Not Much Good, Charlie’, an online solo exhibition which forms part of an ongoing series 3 Works For 3 Weeks. The exhibition will feature a selection of 3 newly created original artworks which will be featured for 3 weeks, to encourage a slower and more comprehensive exploration of the works.


Benji Thomas captures fleeting moments in his everyday surroundings which are full of energy and wonder. He currently works with the common coloured pencil and has a fascination with portrayals of light, layering soft pencil marks to produce incredibly illuminating scenes.  


Thomas says of his newly created body of work; “The titular piece ‘I’m Not Much Good, Charlie’ is based on a film still from the television series Peaky Blinders…I’ve been curious about the widescreen cinematic aspect ratio for a while, and how it could carry over into static image making. [Within the resulting artworks] there’s really nothing to suggest that they’re film stills on their own, other than their shape. They’re jarringly vacant natural scenes, liminal nondescript moments between action, conflict or even conversation. Overall this is an exercise in escapism, in subject and in process. Film, is maybe one of our most effective escape routes from daily life, and embarking on such a large and laborious drawing also seems escapist. I can get lost in a small section for hours or even days, and things emerge little by little...”


3 Works for 3 Weeks is an innovative take on the traditional solo exhibition, promoting slow looking and true engagement with the artist, the artworks and the concepts behind them.


‘I’m Not Much Good, Charlie’ will be a digital solo exhibition of 3 original artworks by Thomas, running for just 3 weeks. A new artwork will be released each week, accompanied by text and detail images. The exhibition invites collectors to get intimate and build a personal connection with the artwork before purchase.

Each Tuesday throughout the duration of the exhibition, Liminal Gallery will release a new artwork onto the dedicated Viewing Room, which will be live on Tuesday 6th July at 10am. 

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