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Henrietta Armstrong is a multimedia artist and curator based in London, specialising in sculpture, installation and public art. She looks at man-made objects and structures from everyday technologies that  are often obsolete or defunct. Considering the messages that are left behind by our ancestors via objects and remnants of their lives and the symbolism or meaning that we imbue them with. Her recent work has been looking at the brutalist forms of sea defences, sea erosion and the global threat of rising sea levels.


She was recently selected as a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize 2021 and awarded as a runner up  for the Soho House Art Prize 2020/21. She is currently working on a public art commission for the village of Tytherington commissioned by Cotswold Homes & South Gloucestershire Council. This is to create a permanent sculpture celebrating Tytherington’s history and to integrate the growing community. 

Recent exhibitions include Tideline at Messums Wiltshire, National Sculpture Prize Summer Exhibition at Broomhill Estate, I took my Power in my hand @ Liminal Gallery, TILT Summer Show at Hoxton Gallery, Rooftop Mural Project at Jealous Gallery, Art on a Postcard Summer Auction 2021 and Recreational Grounds: Off Site at Thames-Side Gallery. Her work has recently been taken into Soho House permanent collection and is held in private collections all over the world.

Henrietta Armstrong - Medusa - 2020 (1).jpeg


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