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1st - 22nd June 2021

3 Works for 3 Weeks Series

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present the first in a series of online solo exhibitions entitled 3 Works for 3 Weeks, with Mafalda Figueiredo.

Mafalda Figueiredo is a Portuguese artist based in London who works predominantly in oils on paper and canvas. Her paintings are deeply autobiographical in nature, depicting fierce women in brightly coloured landscapes sharing sometimes tender, sometimes defiant moments. Her characters, often reminiscent of the stances seen in Renaissance paintings, are caught off guard sharing intimate moments, as they stare out of the canvas to the viewer, making us complicit in their narrative. The watched becomes the watcher. The position of voyeur is constantly in flux, as her characters and the viewer jostle for the title of the object.

Loose brushstrokes are full of movement and colour, coupled with incredible precision and detail as scenes are built around these characters, giving her works a burst of energy, while building the narrative and characters to a crescendo moment.

3 Works for 3 Weeks is an innovative take on the traditional solo exhibition, promoting slow looking and true engagement with the artist, the artworks and the concepts behind them.

‘The Veil That Veils The Moon’ is a digital solo exhibition of 3 original artworks by Figueiredo, running for just 3 weeks. A new artwork will be released each week, accompanied by text and detail images, to encourage a slower and more comprehensive look at the artworks. The exhibition invites collectors to get intimate and build a personal connection with the artwork before purchase.

Each Tuesday throughout the duration of the exhibition, Liminal Gallery will release a new artwork onto the dedicated Viewing Room found on

The Veil That Veils The Moon: Current Exhibitions
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