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23rd November - 14th December 2021

3 Works for 3 Weeks Series

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present 'Everything Connected' an online solo exhibition by David Shillinglaw. Featuring a new series of collages, the exhibition continues the artists exploration of the natural world. In particular mycelium or the 'mushroom internet' , which provides an underground mass branch network allowing trees and plant life to communicate with one another. The collages are a patchwork of paper and fabric, energetically glued and sewn together celebrating imperfections and moments of failure alongside flourishing beauty.


The works themselves are constructed from off-cuts and bi-products of previous works, the end of one becomes the starting point for the next as Shillinglaw builds layers creating his own universal language. Paper and fabric are painted, printed, revived and given new life, inspired by the relationship between growth and decay. Each of these new works is a cosmos, a garden, a Frankenstein's monster.

‘Everything Connected’ forms part of an ongoing series entitled 3 Works For 3 Weeks, an innovative take on the traditional solo exhibition promoting slow looking and true engagement with the artist, the artworks and the concepts behind them. Each exhibition in the series features 3 artworks alongside text, detail images and source material to give an intimate insight. The exhibitions run for just 3 weeks and all invited artists are either national or international, but all are currently working within the UK, to show the breadth and diversity of art available across the country.

Each Tuesday at 10am throughout the duration of the exhibition, Liminal Gallery will release a new artwork accompanied by text and detail images onto the dedicated Viewing Room found on

The Veil That Veils The Moon: Current Exhibitions
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