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7 - 28 October 2023

Main Space, Liminal Gallery, 34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

Julia Ellen Lancaster's work delves deep into the relationship between humans and the landscape and encourages us to embrace the beauty of difference. 'Deadly Bloom' showcases Lancaster's innovative approach to ceramics, where she experiments with different clay bodies and complex glazing techniques, and employs her signature practice of digging clay from her local area in Thanet. A celebrated ceramic artist known for her distinctive exploration of primitive and otherworldly organisms, Lancaster repurposes previous ceramic experiments, adding layers of complexity to her creations. This intuitive and playful process is fundamentally linked to exploration and making. 

Throughout her process, Lancaster frees her mind from constraints of harmony or correctness, allowing her to create without inhibition. This approach enables her to respond intuitively to the work as it evolves, taking unexpected turns and often resulting in a complete departure from the original concept. This evolution is not only an artistic journey but a reflection of the changes that occur in life, with each piece an expression of this human experience. 

One of the defining aspects of Lancaster's artistic practice is her allegiance to the Japanese concept of ‘mottainai’, the avoidance of waste. By incorporating salvaged detritus, fragments, and materials rejected from previous projects, she not only eliminates waste but also adds layers of history and embedded time to her creations. Her works, whether fired to extreme heat or left unfired, challenge us to find beauty in the different, the unrecognisable, and the impermanent. 

‘Deadly Bloom’ includes a wall piece that acts as a ‘living sculpture’, whereby the colourant used will naturally change and fade over time. It mimics the deterioration induced by human intervention and the eventual demise of fading beauty, with death being the only certainty in life.

Lancaster's sculptures serve as bridges between ancient geological materials and contemporary expression, offering viewers a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of humans and the environment. 


All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘Deadly Bloom’ on Saturday 7th October at Liminal Gallery’s Main Space, 5-8pm.

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