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8th February - 1st March 2022

3 Works for 3 Weeks Series

Liminal Gallery is delighted to present ‘Bred in the bone, out in the flesh’ an online solo exhibition by Eleanor McCaughey. Working across mediums, the exhibition will feature an installation, painting, drawing, video, sound and sculpture. Weaving these formats together, McCaughey creates a new visual language which deals with themes of belonging, displacement, loss of faith, theological and cosmic notions.


Examining the bodily existence and it’s fragility, the newly created works are autobiographical in nature, after McCaughey’s own diagnosis and subsequent operations for endometriosis. She says “During a difficult recovery, I was offered votive material by devotional catholic family members to aid with the healing process. Their unwavering faith offers the thought that one might be able to transcend the limitations of physical but I felt and I feel human, grounded in flesh and blood.” Through the use of hand crafted rudimentary materials such as moulded toilet rolls, tinfoil, dripped paint and plaster pulled down by gravity, McCaughey captures this sensation with an earth-bound quality.


‘Bred in the bone, out in the flesh’ forms part of an ongoing series entitled 3 Works For 3 Weeks, an innovative take on the traditional solo exhibition promoting slow looking and true engagement with the artist, the artworks and the concepts behind them. Each exhibition in the series features 3 artworks alongside text, detail images and source material to give an intimate insight. The exhibitions run for just 3 weeks and all invited artists are either national or international, but all are currently working within the UK and Republic of Ireland, to show the breadth and diversity of art available across the countries.

Each Tuesday at 10am throughout the duration of the exhibition, Liminal Gallery will release a new artwork accompanied by text and detail images onto the dedicated Viewing Room found on

The Veil That Veils The Moon: Current Exhibitions
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