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7th - 29th January 2023

Private View: Saturday 7th January 5-8pm

34 Fort Hill, Margate, CT9 1HD

“You can't start a fire / Sittin' 'round cryin' over a broken heart / This gun's for hire / Even if we're just dancing in the dark / You can't start a fire / Worryin' about your little world fallin' apart / This gun's for hire / Even if we're just dancing in the dark” - Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing in the Dark’.


Liminal Gallery is delighted to announce ‘Dancing in the Dark’ a solo exhibition by Alexis Soul-Gray. This new body of paintings by the Devon-based artist focuses on a children's party, devoid of parents, the children take on the burden of life amongst celebration, in all its beauty and sorrow. The figures Soul-Gray creates dissolve into dreamlike abstraction, overrun with vivid colour and this instability of surface blurs distinctions between figure, feeling, fantasy and reality. Dancing between representation and emotive intuitive mark making, the artist invests her work with a transcendental, almost ethereal quality by allowing the forms within her paintings to float, morph and collapse in on themselves, exploring the evolving exchange between the bodies we occupy, the world we inhabit and the individual experiences we live. 

Soul-Gray’s experimental and highly energetic compositions refute normative modes of existence, challenging constructed notions of balance and harmony. Using the body to dance in defiance as well as an anchor to express psychological states, the work in the exhibition captures the sensation of fragmented memories and unconscious fears slowly emerging from the psyche. Her paintings touch on history, memory and the passing of time, particularly surrounding loss and grief. While works on vintage knitting patterns and vintage ephemera are covered with oil paint acting as a protective shield, sheltering or covering up forms - a metaphor for the recesses of the imagination where vulnerability, fear, misunderstanding and desire are shrouded. 

All are welcome to join us to celebrate the opening of ‘Dancing in the Dark’ on Saturday 7th January 5-8pm, kindly sponsored by Old Dairy Brewery.

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