Alexis Soul-Gray (b.1980, UK) is a contemporary visual artist whose practice is often concerned with loss, memory and grief. Speculative questioning about the memorial, memory and commemoration brings together a conjecture of imagery taken from personal and public archival materials. Through painting, collage and print, Alexis defaces and rearranges found images - often working in layers, deliberately interrupting images through obstruction as an attempt to create a visceral representation of the thought process. Abstraction and figuration hold equal significance, Images are continuously intersecting, abrasive, harmonious, removed, a tangible manifestation of a multi-layered interior state. Alexis is also interested in the stillness found in studio shot images of children and women, floristry, knitting and antiques.  Many of the images she works with date from the 1930’s-1980’s, representing personal ancestry, collective histories, traditions and loss. Alexis lives and works in Devon, UK.