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Liminal Gallery specialises in the representation of emerging to mid-career contemporary artists working across the UK and Ireland, showcasing the internationality and diversity of artists working across the countries. With artists at their core, Liminal seeks to nurture and encourage emerging talent, fostering a collaborative community to provide an exciting programme of specially curated exhibitions.


Liminal Gallery is delighted to announce their permanent home at 34 Fort Hill, Margate, opening on 1st October 2022. The creative inclusivity of the community is the perfect place for Liminal to take root, to continue to present innovative initiatives to widen access to their artists works in order to wholly support their careers, aspirations and grand ideas.

Accessibility: Please note that the gallery is not wheelchair or pram accessible, due to the quirky nature of the space the widest point of the front door is 64cm with steps leading up to the door. If you would like to see a works list for our current or past exhibitions please contact us.